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How it all comes together

By assisting the student in selection of latest projects and rigorous training sessions, Engineers upgrade their knowledge on desired software algorithms, electronics concepts & mechanical concepts to enhance their skills & have promising career options for a better future.The following are few of our USPs which make us stand different from our peers :
Latest electronic projects
8051 microcontroller projects
ME, MTech projects
Network security projectsIEEE final year projects
Institutes require our smart kits to practically demonstrate latest electronics concepts, mechanical motions and mechanisms while allowing students specially final years students to work on our kits which enables them having a practical hand on such engineering projects. Also institutes order customized systems to automate & enhance various institute operations. Corporates researching on a particular software algorithms, electronics technologies or mechanical concepts buy our smart electronic kits to help in R & D. Also we offer customized R & D services, product research & prototyping as well as free technical consultation to companies. There are many enthusiasts and hobbyists out there who wouldn’t be able to practically implement desired software, electronics and electronics systems if it weren’t for our self learning project kits. Our smart kits help them bring their dreams to reality. Even in today’s highly connected world, HOW is still the foundation of every business. Learn how Project Ideas training more than 15,000 students with a major hub in Mumbai is achieving outcomes that accelerate success