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In daily life we can hear a variety of creatures including human speech, dog barks, birdsongs, frog calls, etc. Many animals generate sounds either for communication or as a by product of their living activities such as eating, moving, flying, mating etc. Bird species identification is a well-known problem to ornithologists, and it is considered as a scientific task since antiquity. Technology for Birds and their sounds are in many ways important for our culture. They can be heard even in big cities and most people can recognize at least a few most common species by their sounds. Biologists tried to investigate species richness, presence or absence of indicator species, and the population sizes of rare/ endangered species in a site. Collecting data from wild animals in outdoor environment and analysing them has been a tedious task that some field workers have little enthusiasm for , considering it difficult , dull and oldfashioned work. However modern technology has enabled scientists to accomplish this task in a way that was not possible some years ago. Many sounds archives consisting of a huge number of animal sound recordings, recorded in the fields by a lots of skilled and experienced investigators or biologists have been created for acoustic analysis. Birds are numerous and sensitive to environmental changes; also and are easier to monitor than other species. Birds are a good indicator for assessing habitat changes because they are distributed over a wide range of areas, are easy to detect in comparison with other animals and a significant amount of knowledge on bird diversity and behaviour was discovered through field observations bird diversity and behaviour was discovered through field observations by experienced birdwatchers and expert ornithologists. So

The block diagram of the proposed bird song recognition system


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