Cargo Booking Software

MCA, Web | Desktop Application
Cargo Booking Software Cargo booking software will manage the goods of Supplier (Admin) in the warehouse. This software will have Supplier (Admin) Login and Warehouse Login for different Warehouses. This product will allow the supplier to keep an eye on the goods that he has in Warehouses. The Warehouse Login will allow warehouse to accept goods, check condition of goods if its damaged then system will reorder the same good. And it will create a gate pass for the cargo. It calculate weight and others things of cargo, and will make entry of it. The admin has overall rights over the system and can moderate the process.
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Android Local Train Ticketing Project

Android Mobile development, BSC IT & BCA, BSC IT & BSC CS, MCA, MSC IT, Web | Desktop Application
Android Local Train Ticketing Project A local train ticketing system project for local trains that allows users to book local train tickets and get ticket receipt online. This local train project provides login rights for normal users and admin. A normal user may login and get a ticket online, print it and travel by train. The ticketing process consists of a ticket booking form. The form allows the user to choose his source and destination. The source is the station from where the user will be boarding the train. Destination is the station he needs to get down at. The project database is already filled with stations on Mumbai western central and harbor line. It can be modified for any other city as needed. The system also consists of an…
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