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1Advance Mining of Temporal High Utility ItemsetDot Netdata-miningView
2A Framework for Personal Mobile Commerce Pattern Mining and PredictionDot Netdata-miningView
3Investigation and Analysis of New Approach of Intelligent Semantic Web Search EnginesDot Netdata-miningView
4Sequential Anomaly Detection in the Presence of Noise and Limited FeedbackDot Netdata-miningView
5Clustering Methods in Data Mining with its Applications in High EducationDot Newdata-miningView
6A Novel Algorithm for Automatic Document ClusteringDot Netdata-miningView
7Efficient Map/Reduce-based DBSCAN Algorithm with Optimized Data PartitionDot Netdata-miningView
8Dynamic Personalized Recommendation on Sparse DataDot Netdata-miningView
9Efficient Algorithms for Mining High Utility Itemsets from Transactional DatabasesDot Netdata-miningView
10Sensitive Label Privacy Protection on Social Network DataDot Netdata-miningView
11Efficiency of content distribution via network coding Dot Netdata-miningView
12Slicing A New Approach to Privacy Preserving Data Publishing. Java / Dot Netsecurity-encryptionView
13Data Lekage Detection Dot Netsecurity-encryptionView
14Secure Authentication using Image Processing and Visual Cryptography for Banking Applications PHP / Dot Netweb-applicationView
15An Algorithm to Automatically Generate Schedule for School Lectures Using a Heuristic Approach PHP / Dot Netweb-applicationView
16A Mixed Reality Virtual Clothes Try-On System PHP / Dot Netweb-applicationView
17Knowledge Management System PHP / Dot Netweb-applicationView
18An Efficient Cross-Layer Approach for Malicious Packet Dropping Detection in MANETsNS2NetworkingView
19Network Traffic Monitoring Using Intrusion Detection System NS2NetworkingView
20Analyzing Network Traffic To Detect Self-Decrypting Exploit Code NS2NetworkingView
21Genetic algorithm for energy efficient QoS Multicast Routing NS2NetworkingView
22Lightweight Sybil Attack Detection in MANETs NS2NetworkingView
23View-invariant action recognition based on Artificial Neural Networks. NS2NetworkingView
24A New Cell Counting Based Attack Against Tor. Dot NetNetworkingView
25Load Balancing Multipath Switching System with Flow Slice. Dot NetNetworkingVIew
26Optimal Power Allocation in Multi-Relay MIMO Cooperative Networks: Theory and Algorithms. Dot NetNetworkingView
27Assessing the Veracity of Identity Assertions via OSNs. Dot NetNetworkingView
28Handling Multiple Failures in IP Networks through Localized On-Demand Link State Routing Java / Dot NetNetworkingView
29 FireCol: A Collaborative Protection Network for the Detection of Flooding DDoS Attacks Java / Dot NetNetworkingView
30Participatory Privacy: Enabling Privacy in Participatory Sensing Java / Dot NetNetworkingView
31A Fast Re-Route Method Java / Dot NetNetworkingView
32Optimum Relay Selection for Energy-Efficient Cooperative Ad Hoc Networks Java / Dot NetNetworkingJava
33Detecting and Resolving Firewall Policy Anomalies Java / Dot NetNetworkingView
34Detecting and Resolving Firewall Policy Anomalies Java / Dot NetNetworkingView
35Denial of Service Defense through Web Referral Java / Dot NetNetworkingView
36Efficiency of content distribution via network coding Java / Dot NetNetworkingView
37Analysis of Denial-of-Service attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks Using Simulation Java / Dot NetNetworkingJava
38CloudProtect: Managing Data Privacy in Cloud Applications Dot NetCloud ComputingView
39A Secured Cost-effective Multi-Cloud Storage in Cloud Computing. Dot NetCloud ComputingView
40Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing Dot NetCloud ComputingView
41Fuzzy Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing Dot NetCloud ComputingView
42Developing Secure Social Healthcare System over the Cloud Dot NetCloud ComputingView
43Access Control Mechanisms for Outsourced Data in Cloud Dot NetCloud ComputingView
44Cloud Data Protection for the Masses Java / Dot NetCloud ComputingView
45Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in Cloud Computing Java / Dot NetCloud ComputingView
47Efficient Privacy-Preserving Range Queries over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing Java / Dot NetCloud ComputingView
48Semisupervised Biased Maximum Margin Analysis for Interactive Image Retrieval. Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
49Automatic image equalization and contrast enhancement using Gaussian mixture Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
50Scalable Face Image Retrieval using Attribute-Enhanced Sparse Codewords Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
51An effective image steganalysis method based on neighborhood information of pixels Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
52Automatic Plant Leaf Classification for a Mobile Field Guide Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
53Secure And Authenticated Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted Images Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
54An extended visual cryptography scheme without pixel expansion for halftone images Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
55A Secret-Sharing-Based Method for Authentication of Grayscale Document Images via the Use of the PNG Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
57Mitigating of fire based disaster using IP Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
58A Novel Data Embedding Method Using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
59A Keyless Approach to Image Encryption Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
60N-Square Approach For Lossless Image Compression And Decompression Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
61An Efficient Real Time Moving Object Detection Method for Video Surveillance SystemMatlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
62Image Authentication and Restoration using BlockWise Fragile Watermarking based on k-Medoids Clustering Approach Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
62A robust skew detection method based on maximum gradient difference and R-signatureMatlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
64Image-based object detection under varying illumination in environments with specular surfacesMatlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
65A New Block Compressive Sensing to Control the Number of Measurements Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
66Lossless image compression based on data folding Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
67A chaotic system based fragile watermarking scheme for image tamper detection Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
68Linear distance coding for image classification Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
69Security Enhancement Scheme for Image Steganography using S-DES Technique Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
70Robust Watermarking of Compressed and Encrypted JPEG2000 Images Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
71Image compression and decompression using adaptive interpolation Matlab, Dot netImage ProcessingView
72BECAN: A Bandwidth-Efficient Cooperative Authentication Scheme for Filtering Injected False Data in Dot Net Parallel And Distributed SystemView
73Privacy-Preserving Updates to Anonymous and Confidential Databases Dot Net Parallel And Distributed SystemView
74The Geometric Efficient Matching Algorithm for Firewalls Dot Net Parallel And Distributed SystemView
75In Cloud, Can Scientific Communities Benefit from the Economies of Scale? Dot Net Parallel And Distributed SystemView
77Balancing the Tradeoffs between Query Delay and Data Availability in MANETs. Dot Net Parallel And Distributed SystemView
78Resource-Aware Application State Monitoring. Dot Net Parallel And Distributed SystemView
79SPOC: A Secure and Privacy-preserving Opportunistic Computing Framework for Mobile-Healthcare Emerge Dot Net Parallel And Distributed SystemView
80Cooperative Provable Data Possession for Integrity Verification in Multi-Cloud Storage. Dot Net Parallel And Distributed SystemView
81Learn to Personalized Image Search from the Photo Sharing Websites Dot Net MultimediaView
82Trust modeling in social tagging of multimedia content. Dot NetMultimediaView
83Persuasive Cued Click-Points: Design, implementation, and evaluation of a knowledge-based authentica Dot NetMultimediaView
84OCRAndroid: A Framework to Digitize Text Using Mobile Phones AndroidViewView
85Mobile Phone Based Drunk Driving Detection Android, Dot netViewView
86Android based elimination of potholes Android, Dot net, MS-SQLViewView
87A Personalized Mobile Search Engine Android, Dot netViewView
88Designing the Next Generation of Mobile Tourism Application based on Situation AwarenessAndroidViewView
89Location Based Services using Android Mobile Operating SystemAndroidViewView
90Mobile Based Attendance SystemAndroid, Dot netMobile ComputingView
91Car Comparison System ProjectPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
92Salon management System PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
93Cricket Club Management ProjectPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
94Online Blood Bank Project PHPPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
95Campus Recruitment System phpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
96Real Estate Search Based On Data MiningPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
97Opinion Mining For Social Networking SitePHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
98Online Election System Project PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
99The Cibil System Project PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
100Advanced Mobile Store PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
101Banking Bot Project PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
102Farming Assistance Web ServicePHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
103Software Piracy Protection Project PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
104Online Diagnostic Lab Reporting System PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
105Online Loan Application & Verification SystemPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
106Sentiment Based Movie Rating System PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
107Matrimonial Portal ProjectPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
108Online Herbs Shopping ProjectPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
109Online Bakery Shop SystemPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
110Daily Expense Tracker SystemPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
111Course Material Distribution SystemPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
112Credit Card Fraud Detection Project PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
113Smart Health Prediction Using Data MiningPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
114Online Furniture Shop Project PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
115Computer Assembly Website PhpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
116Student Information Chatbot ProjectPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
117Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet Using DESPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
118Efficient Doctor PatientPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
119Sentiment Analysis For Product RatingPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
120E Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review MiningPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
121Opinion Mining For Restaurant ReviewsPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
122Smart Health Prediction Using Data Mining phpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
123Automatic Time Table Generator phpPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
124College Admission Predictor PHPPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
125College Social NetworkPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
126CRM For Internet Service ProviderPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
127Customer Focused Ecommerce Site With AI BotPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
128ERP System For College Management PHPPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
129Secure E Learning Using Data Mining TechniquesPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
130Predicting User Behavior Through Sessions Web MiningPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
131Online Book Recommendation Using Collaborative FilteringPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
132Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining PHPPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
133Monitoring Suspicious Discussions On Online Forums PHPPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
134Fake Product Review Monitoring & Removal For Genuine Ratings PHPPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
135Detecting E Banking Phishing Using Associative ClassificationPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
136A Commodity Search System For Online Shopping Using Web MiningPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
137Secure Online Auction SystemPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
138School Security System (SSS) using RFIDPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
139Filtering political sentiment in social media from textual informationPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
140Evaluation of Academic Performance of Students with Fuzzy LogicPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
141Document Sentiment Analysis Using Opinion MiningPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
142Crime Rate Prediction Using K MeansPHP, MySqlWeb ApplicationView
143Expression Identification Using Image ProcessingDot NET, MsSqlImage ProcessingView
144E Banking Log SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
145Financial Status Analysis Using Credit Score RatingDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
146Using Data Mining To Improve Consumer Retailer ConnectivityDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
147Symptom Based Clinical Document Clustering by Matrix FactorizationDot NET, MsSqlData MiningView
148Cancer Prediction Using Data MiningDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
149Twitter Trend Analysis Using Latent Dirichlet AllocationDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
150TV Show Popularity Analysis Using Data MiningDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
151Secure Backup Software SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
152Online Pizza Ordering SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
153Intelligent Tourist GuideDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
154Encryption & Decryption Using Deffie Hellman AlgorithmDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
155Detecting Fraud Apps Using Sentiment AnalysisDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
156Data Standardization Using Hidden Markov ModelDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
157Advanced Intelligent Tourist GuideDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
158AI Desktop PartnerDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
159Secure Data Transfer Over Internet Using Image SteganographyDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
160Sending a secure message over a network to a remote siteDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
161Improved Data Leakage DetectionDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
162Sentiment Based Movie Rating SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
163Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet Using DESDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
164Bikers PortalDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
165College Enquiry Chat BotDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
166Unique User Identification Across Multiple Social NetworksDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
167Heart Disease Prediction ProjectDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
168Warehouse Management SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
169Exam Cell Automation SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
170Cooperative Housing Society Manager ProjectDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
171Smart Cab System Using Barcode ScanDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
172Topic Detection Using Keyword ClusteringDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
173A New Hybrid Technique For Data EncryptionDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
174High Security Encryption Using AES & Visual CryptographyDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
175Data Duplication Removal Using File ChecksumDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
176Traffic Signal: Management & Control SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
177Question paper generator systemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
178Image Encryption For Secure Internet TransferDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
179Online user Behavior Analysis On Graphical ModelDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
180Implementing Triple DES With OTPDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
181Secure File Storage On Cloud Using Hybrid CryptographyDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
182Search Engine Using Web AnnotationDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
183Card Payment Security Using RSADot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
184Preventing Phishing Attack On Voting System Using Visual CryptographyDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
185Detecting Phishing Websites Using Machine LearningDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
186E Authentication System Using QR Code & OTPDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
187Organizational Procurement Management SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
188Image Steganography With 3 Way EncryptionDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
189Content Summary Generation Using NLPDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
190Android Smart City TravelerDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
191Periodic Census With Graphical RepresentationDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
192Product Review Analysis For Genuine RatingDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
193Smart Health Prediction Using Data MiningDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
194Graphical Password To Avoid Shoulder SurfingDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
195Student Grade Prediction Using C4.5 Decision TreeDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
196Opinion Mining For Social Networking SiteDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
197Web Data Mining To Detect Online Spread Of TerrorismDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
198Fake Product Review Monitoring And Removal For Genuine Online Product Reviews Using Opinion MiningDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
199Monitoring Suspicious Discussions On Online Forums Using Data MiningDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
200Movie Success Prediction Using Data MiningDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
201Opinion Mining For Comment Sentiment AnalysisDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
202Opinion Mining For Restaurant ReviewsDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
203Railway Tracking and Arrival Time PredictionDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
204Weather Forecasting Using Data MiningDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
205E Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review MiningDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
206Fingerprint Based ATM SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
207Sentiment Analysis for Product RatingDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
208Detecting E Banking Phishing Websites Using Associative ClassificationDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
209Fingerprint Voting System ProjectDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
210Customer Behaviour Prediction Using Web Usage MiningDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
211Web Mining For Suspicious Keyword ProminenceDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
212Credit Card Fraud DetectionDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
213Active Chat Monitoring and Suspicious Chat Detection over InternetDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
214Internet Based Live Courier Tracking And Delivery SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
215Remote Java 2 Dotnet Communication ApplicationDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
216Secure Remote Communication Using DES AlgorithmDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
217Automated College Timetable GeneratorDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
218Criminal Investigation Tracker with Suspect PredictionDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
219Automated Payroll With GPS Tracking And Image CaptureDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
220Cursor Movement By Hand Gesture ProjectDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
221Camera Motion Sensing ProjectDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
222Web Server to Client communication for web usage data analysisDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
223Smart Health Consulting ProjectDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
224Video Surveillance ProjectDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
225Graphical Password By Image SegmentationDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
226Student Attendance System By Qr ScanDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
227Face Recognition Attendance SystemDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
228Look Based Media PlayerDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
229Artificial Intelligence DieticianDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
230LED display generator projectDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
231Media player ProjectDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView
232Farming Assistance Web ServiceDot NET, MsSqlWeb ApplicationView

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