Sentiment Analysis of Top Colleges in India Using Twitter Data

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Sentiment Analysis of Top Colleges in India Using Twitter Data

Social Media has captured the attention of the entire world as it is thundering fast in sending thoughts across the globe, user-friendly and free of cost requiring only a working internet connection. People are extensively using this platform to share their thoughts loud and clear. Twitter is one such well-known micro-blogging site getting around 500 million tweets per day. Each user has a daily limit of 2,400 tweets and 140 characters per tweet. Twitter users post (or ‘tweet’) every day about various subjects like products, services, day to day activities, places, personalities etc. Hence, Twitter data is of great germane as it can be used in various scenarios where companies or brands can utilize a direct connection to almost each of their client or user and thereby, improve upon their product. Consider a dissatisfied customer of a telecommunication company voicing out his/her grievances about a particular plan he/she is subscribed to. Twitter also serves as a huge platform for users to know more and get direct comments about a product or a service in which they are interested. Opinions and reviews in the form of tweets from customers, potential users and critics can easily influence the image and consequently, the demand for a product/service being provided by a company. Hence, whether the stakeholder’s opinion is positive/negative about their offering becomes a crucial and pressing question for the organization to ask and monitor. According to fig. 1, roughly 34,582,000 out of an estimated 176,805,000 of the 18-23-year-old age group in India receive a higher education which equates to about 19.56% of the age group. Many reputed governments and private colleges in India aim towards providing a class education to their students and follow different ideologies, pedagogies and examination procedures. It becomes highly important for the interested student to evaluate the choices available to him/her in selecting a college that not only furnishes the student with the desired academic or professional prowess but also equips him/her with the right kind of learning tools according to his/her capabilities. Three of the premier colleges in India, namely the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S.), the Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) and the National Institute of Technology (N.I.T.) have been analyzed to find the user’s sentiment pertaining to the perception of these colleges and the magnitude of these opinions.

Fig. 1.

. Plot showing the enrollment of boys and girls of the 18-23-year-old age group in Higher Education programs (based on the report ompiled by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development in India). Here, A: All Categories, B: Scheduled Castes and C: Scheduled Tribes.
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