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Solar based Projects

Get the widest list of solar energy projects for your study and research. These solar system projects have been built to help students, researchers and engineers in their study and research. Project Ideas has the widest list of solar energy projects that make the most efficient use of solar energy and use it for various applications. Find innovative solar project ideas for further implementation. Browse through our list of solar projects for engineering students :

Solar Projects

  • Solar based power inverter
  • Solar based agricultural irrigation pump
  • Solar based Street light with automatic control based on daylight
  • Solar based table fan with automatic speed control
  • Solar based House lighting system for DC loads
  • Solar based traffic signal powering and control
  • Automatic sun tracking system for solar panel
  • Solar power measurement and display system
  • Solar based battery charging and battery protection system
  • Solar powered industrial inspection robot
  • Solar based car headlight with automatic daylight control
  • Solar powered Vehicle speed monitoring and display
  • Solar based advertisement board with led display
  • Forest fire detection with solar powered sensor network
  • Solar lantern
  • Solar powered led lightning system for classroom
  • Solar water heating system with temperature display
  • Solar powered house cleaning system
  • Solar based room heater with temperature display and automatic temperature control
  • Solar based programmable oven
  • Solar based notice board
  • Solar based power bank
  • Solar based overhead water tank level monitoring.
  • Solar based garden water supply management