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Name web usage mining using apriori
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Description The enormous content of information on the World Wide Web makes it obvious candidate for data mining research. Application of data mining techniques to the World Wide Web referred as Web mining where this term has been used in three distinct ways; Web Content Mining, Web Structure Mining and Web Usage Mining. E Learning is one of the Web based application where it will facing with large amount of data. In order to produce the E-Learning  portal usage patterns and user behaviors, this paper implements the high level process of Web Usage Mining using advance Association Rules algorithm  call D-Apriori Algorithm. Web Usage Mining consists of three main phases, namely Data Preprocessing, Pattern Discovering and Pattern Analysis. Server log files become a set of raw data where it’s must go through with all the Web Usage Mining phases to producing the final results. Here, Web Usage Mining, approach has been combining with the basic Association Rules, D-Apriori Algorithm to optimize the content of the university E-Learning portal. Finally, this paper will present an overview of results analysis and Web administrator can use the findings for the suitable valuable actions.
IEEE Paper Yes
IEEE Paper Year 2013

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