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This advanced mobile store adjusts according to user’s choice and ensures most profitability using artificial intelligence. It provides user with an easy and beautiful GUI. It shows a list of products to the user, the user sees a product and goes through its features and price, the system gets to know about user’s choices. Once the user selects a phone, the system remembers the choice for that particular user. Next time the user logs in; the system shows appropriate recommendations for that user along with other products. Once the user decides to buy a mobile phone goes towards the payment option, the system also shows him some mobile covers and mobile accessories for that particular mobile that he/she has selected, so that he can add it to cart as well. The system bills the user, using credit card system. After billing, an email is sent to the user’s registered email id. The system has an admin account that gives information about; when visitors visited the site, products they saw, amount of their bill, when they logged out.

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